All gifs posted here
are MINE.

Steal them, edit them, do something with my watermark and be sure that it'll be a pure pleasure to use Crucio on you...

I work hard on them, believe me or not - it takes time to make them.


However, you CAN to use them in your posts, as reaction gifs.
Just do not repost or use them in photosets, please.

Thank you.

Stephen Fry: [discussing rainbows] In Estonia they believe that if you point at a rainbow, your finger will fall off.
Alan Davies: Oh, for God’s sake…
Stephen Fry: I know.
Alan Davies: Estonians aren’t stupid people, are they?
Stephen Fry: They’re not.
Sean Lock: [holding up his fists] They’re very stumpy, though.

For Elm.

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